Anthony Geoffroy caricatures

 Caricatures, by their very definition, exaggerate the physical qualities of a person and yet do so in a way that leaves the subject of the caricature entirely recognizable.

Celebrities are some of the most popular subjects of caricatures, primarily because they’re so easy to recognize, and often become known for specific physical traits.

Anthony Geoffroy is an illustrator and graphic artist who has created some of the best celebrity caricatures you’re likely to see.
He’s done caricatures of everyone from Dr. House to Robert De Niro, and he does caricatures of both celebrities and the characters they portray. 

(left) Jean Reno; (right) Amy Winehouse

(left) Rihanna; (right) Zach Braff in Scrubs

(left) Robert Deniro; (righ) Snoop Dog

LOST film heroes: Lock, Jack and Sawyer
(down left) Bill Murey in Ghostbusterds                     

(right) Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun; (left) Bruce Willis in Die Hard


(left) Julia Roberts; (right) Stephen King


Vincent Cassel (left); Lord of the ROng (right)

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