The beauty of woman in her eyes...

The beauty of a woman
isn't in the clothes she wears, 
The figure that she carries, 
or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman 
must be seen from in her eyes; 
Because that's the doorway to her heart, 
the place where love resides.

by Maya Angelou, Ralph Fenger, Audrey Hepburn & Sam Levenson

Today I would like to dedicate my new post for woman.

And it's all about her eyes, isn't it? ... :)

We all know that eyes are important in everyday life,
 especially for those who loves make-up. 

SO le't take a look at some eye make up art, that might be used for a date, night out, vary good ideas for Halloween , and also any kind of art!

So let's start with the most simple colours..
BLACK & WHITE, than there will be some added colours, than some RED colour tones and than other colours followed by COLOURFUL make up...

Oh what a colourful journey... 
There are so many more that I didn't put... 
WOW! ...
What the imagination of human can't do???  

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